Circus-Arts Entertainment

Circus-Arts is available for booking.  Contact us for pricing and availability.  If you do not have rigging points, we have an indoor/outdoor rig with heights up to 18 feet.

View some of our act options on our YouTube page here.  We also offer full productions.  Clink and Ennui were performed at the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival.  See below.


Length: 50min – Performers: 6-10 – Acts: 6 (Adagio, Duo Aerial Ladder, Spinning Cube/Aerial Cube, Pole/Contortion, Aerial Silks, Teeterboard)

Ennui follows our hero’s journey through the 8 Rasas, or pure emotions, as described in Nātyasāstra, a work of Indian dramatic theory written in 200 B.C., conveyed through mesmerizing acrobatic and circus arts. Aerial silks, hand to hand balancing, and teeter board are just a few of the featured acts inspiring both Ennui and the audience to feel reconnected to their raw emotions.

Below is a preview of our previous performance of Ennui at the 2014 Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival.


Length:  45min – Performers: 6  – Acts: 8 (Chair Stack, Hand Balancing/Contortion, Aerial Silk, Cyr Wheel, Sliding Table, Chari Vari, Duo Aerial Wheel, Aerial Straps)

The creators of Fringe ’14 Favorites’, ‘Ennui and Smooch’, offer a captivating look behind the bars of a most exceptional and enthralling prison. A gang of notorious ruffians have been apprehended and locked up together, but they’ll attempt amazing feats to escape their prison walls – so long as the guards aren’t looking! Can you handle life in the Clink?